Finca Los Pozos


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We thought we'd welcome back Finca Los Pozos our three star Great Taste Award winning coffee.

The El Salvador region of Chalatenango has had a plethora of well known masters in the craft of growing coffee, regularly achieving high coffee scores of 90+ so you know this region is attracting high end pedigree.

Finca Los Pozos is located in the foothills of the mountains that surround the town of San Ignacio, at a height of 1,500, this is the farm that has produced fantastic lots year after year.

Its owner Ignacio Gutiérrez is a famous coffee grower who for three consecutive years had taken first place in the Cup of Excellence coffee competition. He has produced a strong selection of heirloom varieties, processing some as Washed, Natural, and Honey.

Ignacio Gutiérrez's farmland has grown considerably since he started growing coffee 20 years ago with just 500 coffee trees as the popularity of his coffees gained widespread attention and acclaim the number of trees grown across his farms has steadily increased to about 54,000 trees, mostly Pacas, Pacamara, and SL-28 varieties. He employs different processes: Washed, Honey, and Natural, and he dries his coffee on both patios and on raised beds, depending on the process and the climate. 

He says that coffee is a very pleasant way of making a life and livelihood, and he appreciates the opportunity to improve life for his family through coffee.

We are proud to offer our most asked about coffee of 2020, Finca Los Pozos is the coffee that helped us win another three star great taste award in 2020.

This microlot from Finca Los Pozos is pure coffee deliciousness, the judges at the Great Taste Awards seemed to agree giving this coffee their approval and awarding it the coveted 3 stars, see their tasting notes below. 


Vibrant fruity and lemongrass aroma. We get honey sweetness, which rolls throughout the flavour delivery. There is a boozy liqueur note here but it's delicate overall with lots to look for and find in the flavour. Complex and interesting. Good length, soft with a clean finish.

Los Pozos is Great Taste Award winner that is ethically sourced, and fully traceable. Los Pozos is a sustainable Carbon-Negative coffee, so you can feel good about a healthier, happier planet with GOOD LIFE.


Los Pozos is always shipped on the day it's roasted and delivered first-class to guarantee you the freshest flavour possible.


Process: Natural

Varietal: Pacas

Elevation: 1500 masl

Producer: Ignacio Gutierrez

Farm: Los Pozos

Region: Chalatenango

Country: El Salvador

SCA Cupping Score: 86