We landed at 3AM in Bujumbura, Burundi's capital and organised a driver to Mutambu, the ride took about an hour and cost $80 - transport doesn’t come cheap in this part of the world.

Our destination a washing station called Rubanda located on the other side of the hills about 22 miles south of Bujumbura.

Coffee gets delivered from the surrounding hillsides by up to 650 members of the Gomvyi farmers group, Rubanda is known to produce some of the finest quality coffees in the region.

The name Rubanda, comes from an old Burundi saying “ngu ekiho kikibandami” which can be translated to mean “whilst there is still mist”.

In days past, people there would say to one another that I shall come whilst there is still mist in the mountains.

We have named our first single-origin release from Burundi the Rubanda because this coffee make us marvel at the complexity of what Burundi has to offer. In terms of tasting notes this coffee is both ‘wild’ and as East African as it comes!


This is what we drank coming back from Burundi.

Everybody wanted to know how it was. Of course they would never ask, and you would never answer. So you brewed, poured and drank coffee in a certain way. That was the answer.

This coffee sends a different message on different days. But it is always in the same accent.

Punchy butterscotch aromas, hints of lemon zest, bright orange & rind. Forest fruits with creamy caramel & sweet toffee undertones meld to create a wild complex cup.

Process: Fully Washed

Varietal: Bourbon, Kent

Roast: Medium

Elevation: 1600 meters

Producer: Rubanda Washing Station

Region: Mutambu, Bujumbura province

Country: Burundi

SCA Cupping Score: 85 


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