GOOD LIFE COFFEE's past success at the Great Taste Awards continued in 2020, with GOOD LIFE COFFEE not only winning more "stars" in total, but winning the most three star awards than any other coffee company.

The Great Taste Awards have over 12,000 products entered each year with only a handful receiving the top 3 star accolade, the awards are judged by a wide range of food and drink connoisseurs.

This is a huge achievement and huge honour for a small coffee company like GOOD LIFE COFFEE to have won more Great Taste "stars" this year than other much bigger coffee companies.

From all of us here at GOOD LIFE COFFEE we'd like to thank you for choosing GOOD LIFE as your exclusive choice for the finest specialty coffees.



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Our fresh roasted coffee is always roasted to order and shipped the same day to specialty coffee fans nationwide & all around the world.

GOOD LIFE COFFEE are members of the Specialty Coffee Association, the Coffee Roasters Guild the Guild of Fine Food and the Soil Association. We sell specialty grade arabica coffee beans so when you choose GOOD LIFE for coffee, you know you are going to enjoy specialty arabica coffee beans that consistently score more than 80 on a scale of 0-100.

Why is this important? Because specialty grade coffee accounts for less than 20% of all the coffee that is grown on the planet, so you know when you order a GOOD LIFE COFFEE it’s going to be something special.

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