Al Mutawasat - Yemenia - Rare
Al Mutawasat - Yemenia - Rare Al Mutawasat - Yemenia - Rare Al Mutawasat - Yemenia - Rare Al Mutawasat - Yemenia - Rare

In the long and storied history of arabica coffee, Yemen holds a very special place. Whilst the coffee tree might have its roots in Ethiopia, coffee the drink originated in Yemen, and Yemen is the place that gave it to the world.

Yemen, in essence, has always been the original speciality coffee origin, as it was the sole coffee exporter up until the early 1700s.

Yemen's coffee has near-legendary status amongst the coffee community; there has long been word of how exquisite coffee from Yemen can taste.

Following our success at the Great Taste Awards this year we had the pleasure of attending a private auction of Yemeni coffee presented by Qima Coffee and the Alliance of Coffee Excellence.

Up for grabs and made available for the first time was a new genetic group of coffees discovered in Yemen known as the Yemenia.

Yemenia is the result of four years of a scientific study mapping out the genetic landscape of Yemeni coffee by Dr Christophe Montagnon (former scientific director at World Coffee Research) currently of Kew Gardens with Qima Coffee.

To put the discovery of Yemenia, a subspecies within Arabica coffee population into context, this is the most significant finding for coffee seen in over a hundred years.

A jury of 35 independent coffee experts across 14 countries assembled to assess the cup quality of Yemenia. The Mutwasat Community Lot was found to be exceptional scoring 89 in blind cupping.

So… should you be excited about Yemeni coffee?

We are. If Yemen's genetic diversity can create value for Yemeni farmers who are among the worlds poorest and most oppressed, the discovery of Yemenia is incredibly meaningful.

Please note:

This is a super rare one of a kind micro-lot limited to only 125 bags and available on a pre-order basis, this coffee will be roasted and dispatched on Thursday 26th of November.

Each coffee will arrive in a gift box with gold embossed labels and make for a perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. If you would like to get this as a gift let us know who this is for, in the special instructions box on the checkout page so we can gift label the coffee with a name of the recipient.


Yemenia. Coffee.

Put those words together and what do you get?

Excited, yes. But also, a golden coffee tasting opportunity of a lifetime.

Blueberry, candy floss, cranberry & white chocolate, we contend that that's a good thing.

Weight: 250g Wholebean

Process: Natual

Varietal: Yemenia

Elevation: 1400–1800 masl

Producer: Al Mutawasat Community

Region: Haraaz

Country: Yemen

SCA Cupping Score: 89


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