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Worth Your Consideration.

If a quality-over-quantity ethos is essential in life, this coffee might be just the thing.

The coffee delivery at the Beloya washing station is amongst the best we've seen in Ethiopia. Farmers selectively handpick cherries and deliver them to the washing station.

At intake, employees hand sort incoming coffee cherries to remove any under or over ripe cherries. The best coffee cherries are then dried in thin layers on raised beds for approximately 21 days. The station has 136 drying beds. Each bed is marked with a code that makes it simple to keep track of traceability and processing status.

If organic-by-default farming practices are your thing, then this coffee just might do.

Farming methods in the region remain traditional and typically use very few (if any) fertilisers or pesticides.

If the genetic diversity of coffee varieties in Beloya means that we find a beautiful assortment of flavours, then this coffee is most certainly the one for you.


If you have a weakness for melted chocolate with raspberries that burst when you bite them, citrus yet sweeter still, oozing exuberant floral notes... Should I bother to go on?


Process: Natural

Varietal: Dega, Kudhume, Wolisho

Elevation: 1720m

Producer: Beloya Washing Station

Region:Kochere, Gedeo Zone

Country: Ethiopia

SCA Cupping Score: 88

GOOD LIFE COFFEE is a multi award winning Great Taste Producer sourcing ethical, fully traceable and sustainable coffees. This is a coffee that is also a Carbon-Negative product, so you can feel good and enjoy a healthier, happier planet with GOOD LIFE.