Fazenda Cachoerinha


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Hey, we just realised that we’ve never told you about why we name our coffees the way we do! Can you believe it?

Our bags all list three things: nation of origin, variety, and lot name. In this case, the country is Brazil. You still with us? Awesome.

The variety listing for this coffee is Catuai. There may be a touch or two of other beans in here, but it’s mostly Catuai... enough that we’re comfortable stamping that on the front of these beautiful brown bags. We include the variety because we think that different varieties taste different. Like pinot noir grapes, or meyer lemons, or Mexican Coke.

We don’t expect you to have every variety memorised. But if you drink a coffee you like, there’s a chance you’ll like other coffees with those same beans. It’s not rocket science, but it is botany. Which is also a science.

Finally, there’s the lot name. If it’s a 900-person co-op in Brazil, we won’t name each farm. But we’ll get as close as we can. In this case, that’s Fazenda Cachoeirinha, an 82 hectare farm located near a hillside town called Poços de Caldas south of Minas Gerais which is also home to some of Brazil's most elite coffee farms winner of multiple awards and well-respected for ecological practices.

All so you can say, “Good morning, baby. Can I make you a cup of Red Catuai coffee from Cachoeirinha”


Super juicy low notes--that raisin haired sexy professional cellist, who likes to get tipsy on plum brandy, then wink those caramel brown sugar eyes. Cachoeirinha is totally out of our league.


Process: Pulped Natural

Varietal: Red Catuai

Roast: Medium

Elevation: 1100 meters

Producer: Joselina Bernardo Flora & Family

Region: Poços de Caldas, South of Minas Gerais

Country: Brazil

SCA Score: 85