El Bosque

Welcome to Narino. That’s what Pastor Gomez told us when we arrived at his farm El Bosque and homestead after hiking four and a half miles, up and around mountains. We weren’t the only visitors to take that path, everything that arrives or leaves there does so by horse or donkey… or in our case, backpack.

And once we got there we saw cultivated coffee shrubs growing all around us alongside oranges, tangerines and avocados. And when we turned to our right, we saw the waterfall. That’s where Pastor Gomez gets the fresh spring water for his pristine wet mill. This is, to put it mildly, highly unusual.

There’s a lot that’s unusual about the 7 hectare farm that Pastor Gomez purchased 30 years ago. The on-site waterfall of fresh spring water. The whole washing and drying part of his operation, which he won’t allow anyone else to touch. Pretty much everything.

Pastor Gomez always does things in his own way, and that includes hiring 40-50 people every harvest, and adding their bus fares to their wages, which are already about double the going rate.

It was a big decision coming here, and thirty years on he has no regrets buying the farm. When he spread his arms toward his farm in one direction and a waterfall in the other, it was easy to see why.


This coffee turned down a job modelling for a Burberry commercial to hang out at the farmers market. Full of bright red cherry sweetness, blueberry cheesecakes, cocoa nibs and a hint of lemon candy. Classy as hell. 

Process: Wet Process

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Roast: Medium

Elevation: 1800

Producer: Pastor Gomez Gomez

Vereda Versalles, Narino.

Country: Colombia

Mouthfeel: Clean

Acidity: Citrus (Lemon)

Sweetness: Sweet, Bright


Sweet bright clean cocoa cherry berry hint of citrus.


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