Fazenda Caixetas


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Wagner Ferrero carries a passion for coffee. Grandson of Italian immigrants that arrived in Brazil in 1912 to work in the coffee plantations. Today, the Ferrero family, is a big name in the small world of great Brazilian coffee.

The farm has been in the family for three generations. It is one of the oldest coffee plantations still producing coffee in Brazil.

Wagner Ferrero sums up the family philosophy. “I think the minimum a farmer can do is take care of the land, return to the soil that which it gives us, and think of the future. It’s an exchange. Nature is wise.”.

The word Caixetas literally means a small ornamental box for holding precious gems. Fazenda Caixetas is indeed the jewel in their tiny crown.

The family process this coffee in a nearby mill, keeping each day’s pickings separated. Lot separation ensures we can build lots by choosing our favourite day’s harvest, our favourite parts of the farm, and our favourite varieties.

Fazenda Caixetas is a farm that supports a local school and also funds various training schemes and courses for its staff. We love that this farm considers the health of their workers a priority, offering health, dental plans. It’s kind of a big deal, at least for people like us that care about the little things.


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Process: Pulped Natural

Varietal: Uva

Roast: Medium

Elevation: 1200

Producer: Wagner Ferrero

Region: Patos di Minas, Cerrado

Country: Brazil

Mouthfeel: Full Body

Acidity: Lactic

Sweetness: Refined Sugar

Flavour: Milk Chocolate,Almonds,Plum