Jungle Nyeri Peaberry


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If an annoying know-it-all wants to fight with you about The Beatles & Rolling Stones, or Kanye & Kendrick, just say, “Miles Davis.” That’s a pretty good way to shut people up. You can’t mess with Miles.

Nyeri Peaberry is kind of like that. These small peaberries embody the characteristics of a coffee with somewhat greater intensity than normal beans. 

The Jungle Estate has been a family run farm passed down for two generations and they do a lot of things right. John Wambugu proudly explained how the farm has created a sustainable agriculture network thats certified by the rainforest alliance.

The farm is dedicated to conserving the ecosystem, protecting wildlife, water conservation and fair treatment and good working conditions for workers. They have great community relations that lets people enjoy social amenities, all things we love to support.

That’s why we were especially pleased to get our hands on this lot. We’re happy to present the masters of the craft. There’s really nothing to debate. It’s that good.

Tasting Notes

A little something for the kids. We only get Jelly Babies in five flavours, but what if they came in caramel, and Cassis blackcurrants from Burgundy? Yep, this coffee.


GOOD LIFE COFFEE is a multi award winning Great Taste Producer sourcing ethical, fully traceable and sustainable coffees. This coffee is a Carbon-Negative product, so you can feel good about a healthier, happier planet with GOOD LIFE.

Notes For Geeks

Process: Wet Process

Varietal: SL-28 Peaberry

Roast: Medium

Elevation: 1800

Producer: Keremara

Region: Jungle Estate, Nyeri

Country: Kenya

Mouthfeel: Full Body

Acidity: Bright

Sweetness: Caramel

Flavour: Rich Caramel,Heavy Blackcurrant