If you know what to expect from a coffee out of Nyeri, Kenya... then this is exactly what you’d want, and exactly what you’d expect.

On average, the 700-some members of the Kabare Farmers group harvest under a half-acre each. They deliver their cherry to their local Kango mill, just as they’ve done since 1988.

That little mill, in turn, is one of the 17 wet mills associated with the bigger Kabare Farmers Co-op. First the coffee gets pulped and washed in River Ichamama water, then dried on raised and shaded beds. From there, it travels a few kilometers to Kabare Farmers HQ in Gatuyaini, where it’s prepped for export. Kabare Farmers handle the finances and the exports just as they’ve done since the 1950s.

The coffee itself is mostly SL28 and SL34, varieties that Kenyan growers have favored for their cup quality and relative hardiness since they were developed in the 1930s.

It’s easy to consider all this, and think: there’s really nothing surprising here. Just the usual beautiful fruit acidities, and the uncommonly clean cups.

On the other hand, Nyeri is known for surprises. When the young Princess Elizabeth climbed the ladder to her bedroom at the nearby Treetops Hotel in 1952, she didn’t expect to be waking up a queen.


The prom theme was Tropical Thunder. Papaya and mango hung from the walls, and the seniors spiked the pineapple punch. The scents of musk and corsages mixed in the air until the illegal fireworks show at midnight.

Process: Wet Process

Varietal: AA Bourbon, AA Kent, AA SL28

Roast: Medium

Elevation: 1800 meters

Producer: Kabare Farmers Co-op

Region: Nyeri

Country: Kenya



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