The Kenta wet mill is a classic instance of the importance of every link in the coffee chain. It sometimes helps to compare coffee production to a stereo system: If the ripe coffee cherry is analogous to a record, then the processing of that cherry is like a stereo receiver or amplifier. Transporting the processed coffee is like the wires, and roasting is like the speakers. Skimping on any part of the system will deteriorate the end result.

Nestled in the untouched rainforest habitat at the foothills of Mount Ambra is Kenta Village. This part of the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea has always had the weather, soil, and elevation to produce beautiful coffee. However, the end result hasn’t always lived up to its potential, largely due to a lack of infrastructure. Most wet-mills have old British machinery from when coffee came to Papua New Guinea in the early 1900.

Imagine a great LP getting dusty, and being played on a chintzy turntable at the wrong speed. That’s why we’re so excited about Kenta—it provides a chance for this region’s great coffee to come through loud and clear.

If you’re the kind of person who just streams music on your phone, just think of it this way: The 1,750 growers who rely on this mill are finally getting their AA grade coffee represented properly. This in turn leads to them receiving more money, more attention... and producing even better harvests. 

If you’ve shied away from Papua New Guinea coffees in the past, now’s the time to give it another taste. 


Don’t be afraid to taste the softness of peaches and delight in the dried fruit and berry notes scented with the graceful hints of tobacco. Like all the other things in life. This life is all right, but theres a big whole world out there full of people who really feel things. They live and love with all their feelings. Taste everything.

Process: Wet Process

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Arusha

Roast: Medium

Elevation: 1600

Producer: New Guinea Highlands Coffee

Region: Goroka, Eastern Highlands

Country: Papua New Guinea

Mouthfeel: Smooth Body

Acidity: Malic (Apple)

Sweetness: Sherbet


Dried Fruit,Berry,Rum,Tabacco


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