Los Naranjos


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Nestled within the enchanting canton of Los Naranjos, where the air smells of history and a hint of the wanderlust of old travellers, there lies a precious estate known by the very name of its home, Finca Los Naranjos.

Los Naranjos is a farm where nature sings, Bourbon, Pacamara, and delicate Geisha varietals grow side by side in a harmonious dance.

With every dawn, 45 dedicated coffee workers tend to these plants, a number that swells to a majestic 115 during the lush peak of the harvest season.

Planted throughout the farm are shade trees, under whose watchful gaze soil samples are regularly taken, their secrets unlocked to ascertain the balance of nutrients and composition. It's nature and science in a poetic embrace.

But beyond the physical realm, the heart of Finca Los Naranjos beats with the rhythm of the RENACER field school's philosophy. In a nod to the collective wisdom of the ages, the teachings from this revered institution are all embraced and practised here. Sigfredo is an oracle in coffee farming, accompanied by his skilled technicians, who passionately spearhead the Technical field school. Their mission? To enlighten the region's small to medium coffee producers with best farming practices that ensure land and soil restoration that are both beneficial for yield and quality.

Housed within the sisterly embrace of Finca Noruega, this school is no ordinary place of learning. Every fortnight, classes resound with tales and techniques, and through the year, the curriculum spans three vital modules, echoing the doctrine of the sacred four R's for soil's sanctity: The Right Source, The Right Dose, The Right Place, and The Right Moment.

Once harvested with artistry perfected over the decades, this coffee began its sacred journey to the wet mill of Beneficio San Rafael. Nestled between the majestic hills of El Pilon and Cerro Aguila, and standing tall at 1450 masl, this mill has seen countless sunsets and holds coffee stories to last a lifetime.

Here, each coffee cherry is treated not just as a fruit but as a relic, its worth measured, its stories listened to, and the feedback whispers back to the guardians of Finca Los Naranjos so they can adjust, calibrate, make better and pick again.

In the final act of this coffee ballet, the beans are bathed and cleansed before finding rest on raised drying beds, basking for a golden span of 20 to 25 days. Every lot is individually tagged to be tasted, assessed, and celebrated.

Visualise a painter's palette, golden honey meets deep shades of prune. The texture of roasted hazelnuts and vibrant splashes of mixed berries enliven the experience. Los Naranjos is like savouring an artistic masterpiece, a silky symphony of flavours on your coffee canvas.


Farm: Los Naranjos
Process: Natural
Varietal: Bourbon
SCA Score: 86
Roast: Medium
Elevation: 1400-1700 masl
Region: Cantón Los Naranjos, Juayúa, Sonsonate
Country: El Salvador