Mariana Martinez


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Coffee isn't just a drink, it's a force for good. And GOOD LIFE, we're not just roasting beans, we source our coffee ethically, roast it responsibly, and proudly offer certified carbon-negative coffee that will leave you feeling good in every way. But that's just the start. We're constantly innovating and working hard to protect our planet and our people.


At GOOD LIFE, we're not just a coffee brand, we're a Carbon Negative force of nature! That means that every cup of our delicious coffee is making a positive impact on the environment. We've partnered with Swiss nonprofit, On A Mission, to accurately measure our CO2 emissions every quarter and offset more carbon through sustainable reforestation efforts around the world.

When you choose GOOD LIFE, you're not just choosing a great-tasting coffee, you're choosing to make a meaningful difference for our planet.


Nestled in the breathtaking heights of Buesaco, Narino, lies an exceptional coffee farm, Los Campos Verdes, tended by Mariana Martinez. For a quarter-century, this extraordinary woman has nurtured not only her two children, but also the verdant coffee bushes that thrive in this mountain paradise, a land inherited from her parents. This is not just a tale of a coffee grower. It's a story of a legacy, lovingly handed down through generations, infused into every coffee bean harvested, and savoured in every cup.

Mariana was only 25 when she embraced the responsibility of tending to this precious parcel of land, her heritage. As a single mother, her life was a delicate dance between raising her children and her coffee bushes. With each passing season, as her children grew, so did her coffee plants, bearing cherries that held the promise of a richer future. Over the years, her eldest son started to mirror Mariana's fascination with coffee, taking the family tradition forward by soaking in the nuances of coffee farming and processing at Pergaminos lab in the nearby town.

Each coffee bean from Los Campos Verdes is a testament to Mariana's dedication and passion. Cherries are carefully handpicked and meticulously processed. This isn't mere farming; it's an art form—a ritual steeped in tradition and respect for the land. The washed process, in particular, requires her expert touch and deep knowledge. Each cherry is depulped, its seeds fermented underwater for 36 hours and then washed to achieve the perfect balance of fruit esters and organic acids. The coffee beans are sun-dried on elevated tables, ready to travel to you, preserving their aromatic richness and unique flavour profile.

Mariana's story is woven into every bag of this Colombian offering. It's not just a coffee; it's a heritage—a testament to the power of perseverance and love for the craft. By choosing this coffee, you become a part of this story, savouring the fruits of Mariana's hard work and dedication, cup after beautiful cup.

A sip of this coffee is like a stroll through an apple grove at dawn - crisp, serene, and full of promise. A playful tartness of blackberry teases your senses, like a familiar memory from a childhood summer. The surprising zest of grapefruit is an echo of life's unexpected turns, with a comforting, velvety milk chocolate note to remind us of the sweet, simple pleasures. This coffee is a journey inward and a reflection of life's complex beauty.


Farm: Mariana Martinez
Process: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo
SCA Score: 86+
Roast: Medium
Elevation: 2120 masl
Region: Buesaco, Narino
Country: Colombia