WU 36 Exotic - Eli Espinoza Soberon


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The summer continues to bring us exciting new coffees. We finally added a coffee from Peru to the roster, but not just any Peruvian.

We're proud to introduce Eli Espinoza Soberon, the first of our Wu36 range of simply stunning award-winning coffees.

This coffee is not just a Peru Cup Of Excellence award winner placing 8th. With a cup score of 88.73 Eli Espinoza Soberon has become Peru's highest-scoring naturally processed coffee of ALL time.

The cup profile is one of incredible high clarity - juicy, light, fruity and elegant.

Hailing from the Chirinos district of San Ignacio, Peru, the farm of Eli Espinoza is spread across the village of Las Pirias in small parcels of land.

This Caturra and Bourbon lot was the first natural coffee he had ever produced and is a stunning example of an uncompromising approach to quality at every stage of production.

The coffee cherries are picked individually by hand, washed and then processed naturally with the skin to dry over 35 days under shade and on raised beds.

Eli invested in a large solar dryer that helped enable consistency and quality during the coffee processing, which can sometimes result in lots of variation in fermentation.

He tends to 4 hectares of coffee farms in a small village called Las Pirias on the southern end of San Ignacio highlands near the northern point of Peru with elevations ranging from 1.700-1,800 meters above sea level.

This is a must-try as we only have a limited supply of this particular coffee, and it will go pretty quickly.

Please note: This is a super rare one of a kind limited micro-lot hand roasted to order and dispatched next day in wholebean form only.

Each coffee will arrive perfectly rested in a recyclable tin box and make for a special treat for you or a lovely gift for the coffee lover in your life. 


Discerning palates will experience an explosion of fruit sweetness backed by a thick jammy finish; this coffee is elegant and refined, with uncompromising confidence in the succulent punch it packs.


Process: Natural

Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon

Elevation: 1850-2000 masl

Producer: Eli Espinoza Soberon

Region: Chirinos, Cajamarca

Country: Peru

SCA Cupping Score: 88.73

Auction: Cup of Excellence Award Winner