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Feels Good Espresso is all about really enjoying a blend of the best lots of coffee that are in season right now.

We want to combine great fruit qualities from a range of origins, varietals, and processing methods to showcase the sweetness of coffee we like.

Our current Feels Good Espresso is a seasonal selection of micro-lots from Colombia and Costa Rica that provide the core coffee flavour elements we enjoy.

From Finca San Cristobal, we found a lovely sweetness of plums and pears, with hints of toffee and a silky finish. The El Suarez follows this, bringing blackberry and redcurrants flavours, a chocolatey sweetness for a delicious espresso.

Feels Good Espresso is a 2021 Great Taste Award winner that is organically produced, ethically sourced, and fully traceable. Feels Good Espresso is also a sustainable Carbon-Negative coffee, so you can feel good about a healthier, happier planet with GOOD LIFE.


50% San Cristobal (Costa Rica), Washed.
50% El Suarez (Colombia), Washed.

Feels Good Filter is always shipped on the day it's roasted and delivered first-class to guarantee you the freshest flavour possible.