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Step into Harry's Bar, Venice, 1978.

Amidst the elegant ambiance of dark wood and ornate mirrors, one coffee, promised a journey beyond the ordinary.

An aroma of molasses, very sweet and caramel-like with a pleasant smooth lemon acidity. Followed by floral, chocolate malt flavours and a creamy, viscous mouth feel that ends with a clean finish and a lingering chocolate final note.

Surrounded by the warmth and beauty of Harry's Bar and its vibrant clientele, everyone acknowledged this was the most interesting coffee in the room.

Every coffee bean tells a story. This Honey Processed Red Bourbon varietal coffee from Cafe Granja La Esperanza's Las Margaritas farm is no exception.

In 1930 Israel Correa and Carmen Rosa Vega arrived in Valle del Cauca seeking unoccupied land to start a farm, acquiring Potosi. In those days, there weren't significant changes in their way of life besides raising a big family, which was the Colombian tradition. Following this and the lack of labour, the children had to help by doing farm work.

In 1945, three varieties were introduced to the existing Typica; Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon and Caturra, to enlarge the organic production.

Two of the eleven children, Rigoberto and Luis, showed particular interest in coffee production and processing. They decided to give their crop a new direction, changing to organic in the late '90s.

The Cafe Granja La Esperanza team runs three farms, and their passion for experimentation is evident in the coffee they produce. They play with variables such as microclimates, processing methods, and varietals, and the results speak for themselves.

They have an impeccable reputation for producing competition-winning coffees, and processes are matched with varieties to create unique flavour profiles.

In contrast to conventional coffee processing, the Red Bourbon undergoes a partial depulping method, which leaves 50% of the mucilage on the bean. This unique approach gives the bean a honey-coloured hue, hence the name.

The cherries were then dried slowly and evenly in solar driers over approximately 2 weeks until they reached a moisture content of around 11%.

This is followed by resting the coffee for at least a month in climate-controlled warehouses, allowing moisture content to stabilise and the flavours to increase in intensity.

Café Granja is a frequent producer name to be pronounced on World stages both in Barista and Brewers Cup – Dawn Chang of Hong Kong in 2015 and Lex Wenneker of Netherlands in 2018, to name a few World Barista Finalists.

Simply put, they are very good at what they do, producing some of the world's most exciting coffees, tantalising the tastebuds of coffee connoisseurs year after year, and winning multiple awards and coffee competitions.

They have won the prestigious Triple Crown Award at SCAA. Their coffee has been used by competition winners of the Brewer's Cup and Roasters Choice Awards.

Try Cafe Granja La Esperanza's Honey processed Red Bourbon coffee from Las Margaritas farm today and experience the most interesting coffee in the room!

Location Colombia
Region Cerro Azul, Valle De Cauca
Cultivar Red Bourbon
Elevation 1550-1650 Metres