Daye Bensa


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Coffee isn't just a drink, it's a force for good. And GOOD LIFE, we're not just roasting beans, we source our coffee ethically, roast it responsibly, and proudly offer certified carbon-negative coffee that will leave you feeling good in every way. But that's just the start. We're constantly innovating and working hard to protect our planet and our people.


At GOOD LIFE, we're not just a coffee brand, we're a Carbon Negative force of nature! That means that every cup of our delicious coffee is making a positive impact on the environment. We've partnered with Swiss nonprofit, On A Mission, to accurately measure our CO2 emissions every quarter and offset more carbon through sustainable reforestation efforts around the world.

When you choose GOOD LIFE, you're not just choosing a great-tasting coffee, you're choosing to make a meaningful difference for our planet.

Each sip is like a classic movie scene: vanilla's soft glow akin to the golden age of cinema; lemon's playful sparkle like a classic comedy, rose tea, a tender romance unfolding, and blackberry, the unexpected twist, rich and satisfying.

In a remote corner of the world, where the verdant hills whisper secrets of a time gone by, there lies a story woven into the very fabric of the earth. It's a tale of passion, of dreams distilled into a cup, of a vision that transcended the boundaries of a simple beverage. This is the story of Daye Bensa.

Imagine a young Asefa, his hands etched with the toils of harvest, carrying the weight of his family's legacy in each coffee bean. In these beans, he saw not just a crop, but a path to a future where the distance from farm to cup was but a fleeting journey. His dream, a reverie born amidst the lush Ethiopian landscape, was to bring the world closer to the heart of coffee – one wash station at a time.

In 1997, this dream materialised into reality, with the first washing station in Girja, a stone's throw from his childhood home. Like an artist perfecting his masterpiece, Asefa, alongside his brother Mulugeta, expanded their vision, painting the landscape with a network of washing stations and farms, each a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and community.

As you sip this exceptional micro-lot coffee, let your senses be enveloped by the nuanced symphony of its heritage. Each bean, washed with care, carries with it the legacy of the Dukamo brothers – a legacy of nurturing, of empowering local farmers, and of a relentless pursuit of excellence.

This coffee isn't just a brew; it's a journey. A journey that traverses through the hills of Bensa, Bura, and Chire, whispering tales of the hands that nurtured it. It's a voyage through time, where each sip is a step alongside Asefa and Mulugeta, under the Ethiopian sun, amidst the symphony of nature.

As Asefa's eldest son, Kenean, steps into this legacy, the story evolves, intertwining the wisdom of the past with the innovation of the future. This coffee, a product of generations of dreams and toil, now finds its way to you.

Location Ethiopia
Region Yirgacheffe
Cultivar Heirloom
Elevation 1700-2200 Metres