El Nicho

The road from El Nicho in the Serrano Lavado to your morning mug at home is a long one, at over four and half thousand miles it would take only nine hours by plane to make it to Havana just as morning begins to glow at the edges of the sky.

As the sun rises, balcony doors crack open as laundry sways to the first sounds of roosters crowing, vintage cars start sputtering, and reggaeton-playing boomboxes power up. After just a few hours of sleep, Havana comes alive. And everyone needs their coffee.

Havana like its coffee is too audacious, too contradictory, and too damned beautiful. How it does it, is anyone’s guess. Maybe it’s the swashbuckling history, the survivalist spirit, or the indefatigable salsa energy. This coffee has all the answers, sip it with an open mind and prepare yourself for a long, slow seduction.

It’s so easy to fall in love with this exotic eclectic Cuban coffee thats best enjoyed with melodic panache. Anywhere you go in Cuba you’ll notice that passion and personality, the coffee included! The offer of a coffee in Cuba is a gesture of friendship. It’s a way of saying to visitors “we want to share our culture with you.”

When it comes to cuban coffee there only seem to be three non-negotiable rules. First, the coffee must be strong and sweet; Second it must be taken liberally. Then above all else, it must be enjoyed in good company.


Clean tasting and medium to full-bodied with a lush smoky flavour. This Cuban is a superb rich and traditional full-bodied coffee. With a great Mocha hit and little or no fruity acidity you can savour the nuttiness of this coffee. There is a background smokiness that can be attributed to sandalwood or tobacco, making a divine espresso or a great morning coffee.


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