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Feels Good Filter is a blend of organic produced coffees, deliciously drinkable yet effortlessly enjoyable, a kind, welcoming cup of comfort to enjoy at home all day, every day.

This seasonal selection of coffees combines the great fruit qualities we love from a range of origins, varietals, and processing methods to showcase the sweetness of coffee we like.

A clean cup profile carefully balanced, with a medium body. Elegant yet juicy, the Feels Good Filter is a downright delicious delight you'll want to keep in the cupboard to have delicious coffee to brew and enjoy at home.

The Feels Good Filter is our ode to the origin of speciality coffee and the embodiment of great taste that can be found in a cup.

A selection of speciality micro-lots from Colombia and Honduras, the Feels Good Filter, is produced within a strict, organic-certified supply chain. Great measures are taken from seed to cup to ensure the precise and exacting process of producing a stellar organic coffee we like.

From Finca El Carmen, we found a pleasing caramel quality and citrus notes with a buttery mouthfeel. Whilst the Finca La Liquidambar brings creamy caramel, milk chocolate and sweet hints of orange.

Feels Good Filter is a 2021 Great Taste Award winner that is 100% organically produced, ethically sourced, and fully traceable. Feels Good Espresso is also a sustainable Carbon-Negative coffee, so you can feel good about a healthier, happier planet with GOOD LIFE.


50% Finca El Carmen (Colombia), Washed.
50% Finca La Liquidambar (Honduras), Washed.

Feels Good Filter is always shipped on the day it's roasted and delivered first-class to guarantee you the freshest flavour possible.