Finca La Pira


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Sometimes you meet someone, and things just click.

You talk and hang out, and get to know each other. Eventually you learn stuff about each other. Maybe you were both adopted, or born on the same day, or had missionaries for parents. And that new knowledge makes you think, “Maybe that’s why we have this crazy connection.”

That’s sort of what happened to us with La Pira.

We first met—well, tasted La Pira among dozens of other coffees from Carlos Urena Ceciliano's 50 year old estate. La Pira jumped out at us immediately by combining clarity with excitement. We knew this coffee was special, but we didn’t know how or why.

When Carlos drove us out to Dota Tarrazu, the source of La Pira, everything clicked into place. When we realized how high up we were, we thought, “Oh, maybe that’s why this coffee jumped out.”

It also featured well-groomed plants, silky oak shade trees, and a couple of cool varieties among its shrubs. When we noticed that, we thought, “maybe that’s why we love this coffee.”

Then again, we already knew that Carlos was handling this coffee’s milling; La Pira received the benefit of super-pro washing and drying to keep its flavors crisp and clear. Maybe that’s why we love it.

It’s hard to say. We should have another few cups, just to be sure.