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Coffee isn't just a drink, it's a force for good. And GOOD LIFE, we're not just roasting beans, we source our coffee ethically, roast it responsibly, and proudly offer certified carbon-negative coffee that will leave you feeling good in every way. But that's just the start. We're constantly innovating and working hard to protect our planet and our people.


At GOOD LIFE, we're not just a coffee brand, we're a Carbon Negative force of nature! That means that every cup of our delicious coffee is making a positive impact on the environment. We've partnered with Swiss nonprofit, On A Mission, to accurately measure our CO2 emissions every quarter and offset more carbon through sustainable reforestation efforts around the world.

When you choose GOOD LIFE, you're not just choosing a great-tasting coffee, you're choosing to make a meaningful difference for our planet.

Whispers of the World: A Journey Through the Rare & Exotic Coffee Collection

Imagine a world where each morning is a rendezvous with the extraordinary, a secret passage to the far-flung corners of the earth. This isn't just coffee. It's a ticket to the clandestine circles of coffee aficionados, where the aroma of triumph lingers in the air. Welcome to the Rare & Exotic Coffee Subscription, a meticulously curated odyssey designed not just for the connoisseur but for the adventurer at heart.

The Essence of Adventure in Every Sip

Every bean tells a story, a saga of its victory in the hallowed halls of global coffee competitions. These aren't just coffees; they're legends in their own right, having danced across judges' palates to emerge as the champions of taste, aroma, and complexity. As part of this elite subscription, you hold in your hands the very essence of these victories.

A Curated Expedition Across Uncharted Terroirs

Each month, a new chapter unfolds, featuring rare micro-lots and avant-garde processing methods that promise a symphony of flavors unheard by the layman. Your cup becomes a canvas, painted with the vivid hues of the world's most celebrated coffee-producing regions. From the shadowed forests of Ethiopia to the volcanic soils of Panama, your palate is the explorer, and every sip is a discovery.

Elevating the Craft, One Cup at a Time

This isn't merely about tasting coffee; it's about immersing oneself in the lore of each bean. With every delivery, a dossier accompanies your brew, detailing its provenance, its journey, and the nuances that crowned it a champion. This is your guide to understanding the sublime, a beacon in the pursuit of coffee enlightenment.

The Promise of the Rare & Exotic

With the Rare & Exotic Subscription, each month brings a 100-gram testament to the extraordinary, ensconced in packaging that whispers tales of distant lands. Free shipping across continents ensures that the world's best coffees arrive at your doorstep, fresh and ready to redefine your morning ritual.

The Pantheon Awaits

Your journey will intersect with the likes of Janson Coffee, Café Granja la Esperanza, and Ninety Plus Coffee, to name but a few. Each a titan in its own right, promising to elevate your coffee experience to a realm previously unimagined.

A Commitment to Excellence

Subscribing to the Rare & Exotic is not just a choice; it's a declaration of your pursuit of the extraordinary. With options to pause, cancel, or modify at will, your journey is on your terms. And for those who seek immediacy in their quest, know that we stand ready to expedite your experience, ensuring that not a moment is lost in the pursuit of perfection.

Embark on the Journey

The Rare & Exotic Coffee Subscription is not merely an invitation; it's a challenge. A challenge to discover, to taste, to immerse yourself in the extraordinary. This is your moment, your passage to a world where coffee is not just a beverage but a journey. Welcome to GOOD LIFE, where every cup is a voyage, and every sip is a discovery.

Embrace the extraordinary. Discover the Rare & Exotic. Your journey begins now.

Info: All Rare & Exotic Subscription orders are processed and dispatched on the first Friday of each month.