Verve - Paleo Approved

At Good Life we live by a few philosophical principles one of which is taking a humanistic approach to food, and arabica coffee in particular.

We want the best in our lives, not create some awkward imbalance. We want a real boost, but not at the expense of good taste. We also don't want to change our routine, or ignore common sense. We love coffee, and we love meals -- let's not replace either.

Truth be told, there is no single food that will make you healthier, and no nootropic that will lead to great performance gains if your biological system is out of wack. However, there is a tipping point at which (under the right conditions) your body's mechanisms will kick in, self-heal, and be encouraged to grow even better than before. When we chose VERVE, we took this approach in mind.

VERVE is direct traded from Cauvery Peak, Karnataka. Good Life encourages social projects in the region particularly agriculture, health and education, were happy to pay more for our coffee because only the best and ripest cherries get harvested, the result is a very delicious and digestible coffee.

VERVE exclusively uses high altitude arabica coffee because its shade grown and cultivated without the use of pesticides and mineral fertilisers. We take great care, VERVE is processed totally by hand, its hand planted, hand grown, hand picked to ensure only the most ripest and mature coffee cherries make into every cup of VERVE. It doesn't stop there VERVE is hand washed to reduce mould and carefully fast dried to ensure essential levels of digestibility and a greater intensity in taste.

VERVE is a high altitude arabica coffee that is less affected by mycotoxins, is low in acidity and high in bioavailibity. The result, you get to experience a truly superior coffee with greater intensity in taste.


VERVE is roasted specifically for you, one batch at a time, always shipped on the day its roasted and delivered first class to guarantee you the most freshest flavour possible.


Enjoy the taste of Big Body Chocolate with very light acidity on finish, rich dark and beautifully smooth.


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